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Amazing Gear for Amazing People

"Richard Ruse' friendship and business relationship with world renowned bassist/composer/pianist and designer Mike Pope was a strategic factor in starting this business. “Mike’s rack mount pre-amps have been heralded by bassists worldwide for their purity, simplicity and sheer musicality - his on-board preamps have powered Fodera basses for years. He and his business partner, David Yates (holder of 70 U.S Patents AND a fine bassist in his own right), have joined the team and we’re working together on the electrical engineering, system design and user interface of the TF Gen 1 heads."

"One of the best-sounding, most thoughtfully designed Class D/SMPS heads I've come across." "It's satisfying when your expectations for a product aren't only met, but exceeded. In an already crowded field of lightweight Class D/ SMPS-based amps, the Trickfish stands out for its thoughtful design, handsome aesthetic, and euphonic tone."


--Jonathan Herrera, Bass Player Magazine

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