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"Around 1997, I began making internal preamps for Fodera basses.  They needed something that was made by a bass player with good ears and a clear picture of what he wanted.  I was very lucky to have an uncle who was an electronics engineer, and so, over phone calls and coffee and reading books he told me to read, I slowly but surely began to put the technology together to make what would eventually become the Mike Pope Fodera preamp."   

"It was at Steve Bailey's Bass at the Beach that I met my good friend and business partner, David Yates.  We have been huddled over schematics ever since, sometimes over the phone and skype, and every once in a while, thankfully, together."

"David has a superior knowledge of electronics engineering and together we designed the Flexcore internal amp for basses that were not lucky enough to be born a Fodera.  The business is thriving and we receive very few complaints about the product... we were able to provide terrific sound to a huge group of bassists worldwide!"

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Electronics and how they slowly took over my life

(temporarily! )

by Mike Pope, an audiophile


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