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Bassist, Composer, Educator, Father, Electronics Designer, Recording Artist

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A gig somewhere
I have no recollection of this picture being taken... I think I was with John Favicchia. Yet, it shows up everywhere in advertisements for my gigs! lol!
manhattan vibes Oct 2012
One of my favorite projects ever was Manhattan Vibes. All of the players had such a great, well... vibe (haha!).
Mike Pope and the Clintons
Italian Embassy, Washington, D.C. - Performance for the Clinton Foundation –
former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton, September 8, 2014.
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 Some Fun Gigs 


House Concert
MPope keezer, zottarelli,
mike and Janek
Eldar Djangirov
MP and Hadrien Feraud
Mike and Kitt '15 (2)
Mike, Joe locke, Geoff KeezerMarvin Smitty Smith, Kenny Washington
MPope India 2
gillian and mike house concert
Michael Reitzik, Karla Chisolm, me
Lee Pearson, 6-20-16
Geoffrey, Gillian and Mike
Clyde Forseburg and Mike
Lydia and the Girls and me
Janek, Vic, and Me
MPope keezer, zottarelli,
Mike Pope, Mauricio Zottarelli, Eldar Djangirov, Tokyo Cotton Club

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